No puppies available at the moment. One or two litters are planned for 2019 pending health checks.

Early 2019 we will breed Fi LcCh SMM-16-17 Berylline Suklaamuffinssi. Kirppu’s results can be seen on KoiraNet. We have chosen to breed her to the Swedish Lovoly’s Man With The Golden Gun. “Milton” is a male with sweet and confident temperament along with stylish appearance. In addition to his success in rings he has two lure coursing certificates so far. His eyes and patella have been checked without remarks.

Kirppu is my second generation breeding. She is out-going and sociable, and usually prefers to see the things in a positive way. She has competed quite successfully in lure coursing, but also has a track racing licence. Kirppu has been diagnosed with vitreous degeneration while her patella is normal.

The 8-generation COI in this combination is 1,80.

For more information contact by email: elisa.honkala(a)