MyDogDNA results

Tarumetsän Kirin Jälkeen Voitto: FEH normal, GHI 110, genotype ayay kyky Ee Dd SS Berylline Cake My Day: FEH normal, GHI 101, genotype ayay Kbky EE Dd SS Berylline Cinnamon Buns: FEH normal, GHI 103, genotype ayay kyky Eme Dd SS … Continue reading →

DNA results

Noitapilli and Nonparelli turned 12 weeks and their MyDogDNA test results arrived at the same time. Also Suklaamuffinssi was tested. The results are as follows: Berylline Noitapilli: FEH normal, genotype ay/ay KB/ky B/B Em/e D/d S/S Berylline Nonparelli: FEH normal, … Continue reading →