Hunting season

In northernmost Lappland, Pulla the IG (Berylline Cinnamon Buns) has been used in hunting birds from early on. Earlier his preys consisted merely of willow grouses, but this autumn some capercaillies have been shot for him, as well! Pulla is … Continue reading →

MyDogDNA results

Tarumetsän Kirin Jälkeen Voitto: FEH normal, GHI 110, genotype ayay kyky Ee Dd SS Berylline Cake My Day: FEH normal, GHI 101, genotype ayay Kbky EE Dd SS Berylline Cinnamon Buns: FEH normal, GHI 103, genotype ayay kyky Eme Dd SS … Continue reading →

C boys 8 weeks old

The C boys turned 8 weeks and Cherry Garcia has already left for his own home. The boys Pulla (Cinnamon Buns) and Vohveli (Cake My Day) are available. Pulla will be a bIGGY while Vohveli may or may not stay … Continue reading →