So much has been going on that I’ve completely forgot to update on the successful Finnish Coursing Championship competition that was held in Tampere on 27.-28.8.16.

There were three Berylline IGs participating in normal sized females: the experienced veteran Berylline Fazerin Sininen “Unelma”, owned by Liisa Ukkola-Vuoti and Sauli Vuoti, the quite as many starts taken Berylline Kermakaramelli “Kerttu”, owned by Nora Ritala, and the young Berylline Suklaamuffinssi “Kirppu”, owned by Nora Ritala, in her second LC trial.

The competition was a success for all of them, for after the finale all three had earned their places on the podium. The most surprising was the young Miss Kirppu, who on top of two successful and luckily uneventful runs was crowned Finnish Coursing Champion 2016 and Best In Field, which is a great achievement at this level! Congratulations Kirppu and Nora!




Some photos of Kirppu:


Photos (c) Sakari Lampola


kirppu_sm2016_4_kirsihietaharju kirppu_sm2016_3_kirsihietaharju kirppu_sm2016_2_kirsihietaharju

kirppu_sm2016_1_kirsihietaharju kirppu_sm2016_5

Photos above (c) Kirsi Hietaharju


Kirppu’s dam Kerttu had a good set of runs as well for she earned herself her very first LC-CAC! A few photos of her:

smm16_03_kirsihietaharju smm16_02_kirsihietaharju smm16_01_kirsihietaharju

Photos above (c) Kirsi Hietaharju


smm16_05_sakarilampola smm16_04_sakarilampola

Photos above (c) Sakari Lampola


The charmingly aged veteran Unelma also showed a good set of runs which earned her 6th placement at the podium:

smm16_02_kirsihietaharju smm16_01_kirsihietaharju

Photos above (c) Kirsi Hietaharju

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