23.4.2006 – 20.4.2017

C.I.B & FI & NO & SE & EE CH, 6 x CACIB
Track racing licence

DOB. 2006/04/23 | Bred by Karina Krieger, Germany | Results in KoiraNet | Pedigree

I guess all breeders experience their ‘Kinttu’ at some point. Kinttu’s problems started as early as 8 months of age, when she broke her other front leg. At 1,5-2 years she started having mysterious stomach issues, causing her a lot of pain and discomfort. Everything was checked, but only time was able to heal her condition, since the symptoms disappeared as Kinttu got older.

Around 2 years Kinttu had her first epileptic seizure, but it took six months to reach the final diagnosis after the second seizure. For years Kinttu was merely dependant on the medication given during seizure, but at 6 years she went on daily medication of Barbivet, which has kept the seizure away. Around that time Kinttu succeeded in breaking her front leg for the second time, this time in a different spot. Now the leg basically consists of metal plates  and screws. At some point I had Kinttu spayed, and as a result she has a hernia in her stomach. And as icing on the cake she was diagnosed with hereditary cataract in both eyes. Kinttu is Kinttu – hopefully one of a kind. Loveable as she is. :)

Kinttu 6 vuotta