1.1.2003 – 20.11.2015

Letku started getting worse in August 2015. By November he had lost a lot of weight,
had zero appetite and overall his condition was weak. It was time for him to go,
and as a memory of him, his fleece jacket and collar are waiting for their next carrier in the drawer.
Letku helped many Galgos to get a home due to the positive PR he made, after all, he was pure gold.
Thank you Letku for these years. <3



Letku – one of a kind!
Letku arrived in Finland in the end of January 2011 from the Villa del Rio dog shelter in Spain. I had been looking for an older sighthound for a while without any luck. Every once in a while I checked the Espanjankoirat.com website in case there was anything suitable for us. In December a new dog was added, called Manolete, and it truly was love at first sight. Someone had filmed a short clip of him, and the decision was made there and then. Quick inquiry and yes, Manolete was still available. So a long wait was ahead, after all, no one knew when he’d be able to travel. Until end of January when we were informed that Letku would arrive in next week’s plane. Off Jyri went and travelled to Helsinki to pick him up. Letku didn’t seem to have any problems getting used to living inside a house. He quickly understood the meaning of a couch, and basically he is not afraid of anything. He’s a very easy-going and kind dog, and we couldn’t be happier that he is now with us instead of the cold shelter concrete floor.