The Finnish Italian Greyhound & Cirneco Dell’Etna Club’s annual unofficial breed speciality was held on July 17th in Tuomarinkartano, Helsinki. The judge was Alberto Lamperti (Del Discoletto) from Italy. Karkki, Halti, Kirppu and Kerttu were shown.

Karkki: 9,5 years. Beautiful in type. Nice head with feminine expression. Well carried ears, good eyes. Good bite & teeth. Straight hind & front legs. Correct angulations, neck, withers, toplins, loins, croup. Well carried tail, I’d like it a bit longer. Chest well developed. Moves well.
VET EXC 1 CQ BB2 BOB-veteran BIS-veteran

Halti and Kirppu got VG, Kerttu EXC, critiques unfortunately not available.

Photos below taken by Hanna Myllymäki:

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