This summer’s been packed with track racing-related activities around Finland while shows have been left in the background.

In southern Finland Karma reached his last championship qualifying CAC time in the beginning of June, so from now on he can add a title in front of his name: FIN Racing Ch Berylline F Minor! Congratulations to the team H & J for all the hard work! Below are the working champion siblings photographed by Sakari Lampola:

Sister Unelma travelled up north for the Midsummer Race in Virpiniemi on 22nd of June, and now can add a track record in her name: 29,81 seconds on 350 meters. Congratulations to another top team L & S! In September Unelma will participate in the track racing EM.

Even the younger generation has had its share of competing, this time with Kerttu (Berylline Kermakaramelli) both in LC and track racing. She’s her mother’s daughter, just doesn’t give up even though speed isn’t enough for the top positions :) In coursing Kerttu has gained some nice points, for example in May in Iitti 240 + 261 = 501 points! (photo Inka Luomanmäki)

If health checks clear, Kerttu will be bred next year.

Taikuri (Berylline Tuhat ja Yksi Yötä), who stayed at home, has been practicing on track this season, and it sure looks promising! In the last practice on 7th of August Taikuri passed his solo run with 22,50 seconds on 280 meters, so it’s good to continue from here on next season!

Otherwise summer’s passed just 

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