Frankly I’m surprised that this gigantic website project didn’t take me a forever to finish. Nothing is more frustrating than websites that aren’t updated. And when you have too many of them to update, it becomes a burden. I figured if I suffered a bit longer during the whole setting-up process, it would reward me in the future. Well, only time will tell. Anyway now most of the website is available in both Finnish and English. There are just a few posts from 2012 and the breed info package that I didn’t translate into English. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a new era!

As far as the dogs are concerned, I feel like I’ve been waiting in some kind of a turning point. I’ve been just waiting for the younger generation to grow older, anxiously, hoping for no bad news on the health front. The pack has been the same, apart from Letku’s passing in November. But now it’s time to look ahead and start making plans for the next few years. I have bitches that ought to be bred at some point, and some preliminary plans have already been made. I wouldn’t say this is a firm decision, but I have made up my mind to go with certain US lines in my future litters if only possible. Right now it feels like European lines can’t offer me the things I appreciate in terms of structure, temperament and health. I have also considered maybe incorporating an entirely new bitch line.

The longer daylight, sunshine, singing birds and melted forest paths freshen one’s mind. I don’t really have any expectations for the upcoming season, just a tiny glimpse of hope of Taikuri’s dual working championship, but as we know, anything can happen. Nuudeli has developed a lot as far as her prey drive’s concerned, so I’m really excited to see her on track this summer. And maybe show her a few times. Let’s just hope that each and every one of us stays healthy and we have a warm, dry and injury-free summer ahead!



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