Taikuri was entered to a lure coursing competition in Lumijoki on Saturday 28 May, but due to the unexpectedly large number of entered dogs, some of the breeds had to be moved for Sunday. Therefore I had to skip the Piteå dog show with Nuudeli. The weather was hot and sunny, quite unlike usual Finnish weather in May. For the warmth-loving IGs it was however quite alright. The track was set in a sand pit, which is always the best terrain in terms of dogs’ safety, although requires a bit more stamina, too.

Altogether eight oversized IGs were entered, and Taikuri ran with the same partner both in the first run and the finale since all the other dogs had been entered with their prospective pairs. I’d say they could’ve been more compatible, but at least they both got two successful performances. On the first round Taikuri finished first with 247 points and in the finale he got 240 points, the total score being 487 points which qualified him with a certificate. Overall he was third in the competition. This being Taikuri’s fifth CAC, he finished his FI LC-championship! Five competitions, five CACs and no injuries – who could’ve hoped for more?

A video clip from the finale, filmed by Tuomas Kulha:


4v_med together_small

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