Kerttu’s (B. Kermakaramelli) litter, born April 5th 2015, keeps maturing in their homes. :)

The male, Berylline Sokeritassu or Sokru as he’s called, lives with his father, Ekavintin Laku Petteri, in Tampere, Finland. Sokru is an elegant male on the taller side (~40 cm) with promising proportions and structure. According to his owner he has excellent temperament and is very much interested in the lure. Unfortunately his other testicle bounced back up when he was a few months old, so he will not be shown, but maybe we’ll see him compete in LC and track racing in the future!


sokeritassu_15v1_velimattilainioSokru 1,5 years, photo Veli-Matti Lainio


sokeritassu_15v3_katikanervasokeritassu_15v2_katikanervasokeritassu_15v4_katikanerva Sokru in LC training, photos above by Kati Kanerva




Sokru ~1 year old, photos taken by Karita Masalin


Berylline Suklaamuffinssi, “Kirppu”, lives with her dam Kerttu and another IG male with Nora in Helsinki. As for type, Kirppu is shorter on leg and stronger built than her brother, but with an equally nice temperament. During this season Kirppu has really excelled in racing and coursing despite her young age. She already has track racing license and has taken part in three LC competitions, resulting in two certificates already. Kirppu is around 36 cm tall.

Kirppu’s photos from the annual Finnish breed club’s specialty, SIC Club Show, taken by Riina Lummekari:








Family reunion, photo by Karita Masalin:


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